Welcome to the Upper Pontiac Parishes Blog!

High Altar of St. Alphonsus Parish – Chapeau, Qc.

Welcome to our new blog! Please visit here to find a copy of the weekly parish bulletin for St. Alphonsus Parish (Chapeau), St. Joseph’s Parish (Allumette Island) and St. Paul the Hermit Parish (Sheenboro) as well as all the Church news that’s fit to print! Just click on the ‘uppontiacparishes’ logo (top left corner) to see this week’s bulletin.

New High Altar in St. Joseph’s Parish
St. Paul the Hermit Church – Sheenboro

10 thoughts on “Welcome to the Upper Pontiac Parishes Blog!”

  1. Many thanks Father Tim for setting this up especially the bulletins . Now we can keep apprised of the news from the parishes when we are away in the winter

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  2. I really enjoyed getting the bulletin every weekend, I didn’t get it last weekend and I a wondering if we are not going to get it any more.


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News and Events from the Catholic Parishes of the Upper Pontiac

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